We offer courses for all age groups. Courses vary in duration and are held throughout the Vienna school semester. Please see below to see the dates of the holidays during the school semester.

If you wish to improve your English and are unable to find the ideal course below, please contact us for further options.

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Participants can commence courses at any time even if a course has already begun. In such a case a corresponding reduction in course costs will be offered.

Courses for 2nd. Semester 2020/21
(8.02.2021 - 25.06.2021)


Description of Courses

everyday english Adults - A1, A2, B1: Learn and speak with the essential grammar you need to get you started... and continuing in English.

Mondays: €240.00 (17 x 80 minutes - Coursebook not included)
Tuesday evenings: €268.00 (19 x 90 minutes - Coursebook not included)

everyday english Conversation for adults: Master your conversation skills as we cover current and interesting issues.

Wednesday mornings: €212.00 (16 x 75 minutes)
Thursday mornings: €169.00 (16 x 60 minutes)
Thursday evening: €226.00 (16 x 80 minutes)

everyday english Easy conversation: Conversation at a simple, easy standard. Ideal for those who aren't very confident with their English.

Tuesday Mornings: €201.00 (19 x 60 minutes)
Friday Mornings : €201.00 (19 x 60 Minuten)

everyday english Free Book club: Improve your English skills by reading great short stories or novels over a month and then deepen your knowledge and mastery of English by discussing the story. This is FREE, so let your friends know about it.
The date of our next meeting will be posted shortly. Please check back shortly.

everyday english Middle School and Gymnasium: We offer your child an opportunity to apply and master the English that they learn at school.

1st. class - Wednesdays€168.00 (19 x 50 minutes)
2nd. class - Tuesdays: €168.00 (19 x 50 minutes)
3rd. class - Fridays: €168.00 (19 x 50 minutes)
4th. class - Thursdays: €150.00 (17 x 50 minutes)

everyday english Oberstufe skills: Learn and practice the writing / speaking skills that you need for the Matura. We cover both technical and humanities subjects.

Thursdays: €150.00 (17 x 50 minutes)

everyday english Private Tuition: We offer a number of private tuition openings especially for those who wish to learn or improve their English alone or with just one other person.

by appointment : €30,00 per hour.

everyday english Primary School (& Kindergarten): In this course your child will practice and expand their English through games, cooking and craft activities. The material in this course supports the syllabus of the Vienna primary school system.

Mondays: €150.00 (17 x 50 minutes)
Tuesdays: €168.00 (19 x 50 minutes)
Wednesdays: €168.00 (19 x 50 minutes)
Thursdays: €150.00 (17 x 50 minutes)

All prices include 20% V.A.T. (Mehrwertsteuer).

Days on which our office is closed

Courses begin in the week of the 14.09.2020. Thereafter, Everyday English is closed on the following school-free days (as appointed by the Bildungsdirektion für Wien):

  ◉ 27.03.2021 - 5.04.2021: Easter
  ◉ 1.5.2021: National Holiday
  ◉ 13.5.2021: Ascension Day
  ◉ 22.05.2021 - 24.05.2021: Pentecost
  ◉ 3.6.2021: Corpus Christi
  ◉ 25.06.2021: End of Semester (for Everyday English)